Are you interested in Page Layout and Typesetting with TeX
or LaTeX, especially mathematical and technical documents?
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If so, you've come to the right place. My name is Mercè Aicart Martinez. I do typesetting and editing of all kind of books, monographs, journals and papers especially those of the technical type (Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, etc.). I have been doing all these since the beginning of 1990. Mainly, I use LaTeX, TeX and InDesign for text and formulas typesetting. For graphics and pictures I usually use Corel Draw, Word, Excel, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and so forth. Among the offered services there are:

I get the files by mail or e-mail and make the typesetting process following the required instructions. Once the process is ended, I send the files, by e-mail or by mail in a CD, in the required electronic format, usually as PDF, PS, PRN, HTML, etc. for possible corrections. When the proofreading process is finished, the final version of the requested files are sent to the client by e-mail, ready to be printed or to be viewed in the computer screen. I use to work for different firms, among them: Ed. Ariel, Ed. Reverté, Ed. Nivola, Publicacions de la Universitat de Barcelona, Publicacions Acadèmiques de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya, among other editorial services,....

At the beginning shall give to the client an estimate of the total cost of the process, and also an estimate about how long does it take to finish the job.

Interested people can be in touch with me through my electronic mail:

Several examples:

A Physics book, with many mathematical formulas and graphics: Mechanics book

Text book in color: Mathematics book

Text book printed with five inks: Algebra book

A Statistics e-book: Linear Models

Chemistry-Physics dictionary: Dictionary

An e-book in color with links: e-Book

Geometry book printed with two inks: Geometry

A Statistical Journal: Qüestiió

A Statistical Journal: Sort

A Statistics book: Statistics

An Algebra book: Algebra

Two pages of an entertainment book: Sudokus

A University of Barcelona Report page: Report

A Chemistry book: Chemistry

A Geology book: Geothermic Energy

Several pages of a Physics book: Materials Physics

Some formulas: Formulas

Several pages of a History journal: Spanish civil war

Some graphics: Graphics

A Law Journal: Law

An Econometry book: Econometry

A Logic book, in collaboration with Javier Bezos: Logic

A Psychology book: Psychology

TeX resources on the internet:

TeX Users Group web site

CervanTeX, Grupo de Usuarios de TeX Hispanohablantes

Tirant lo TeX, Grup d'Usuaris catalanoparlants de TeX

LyX, document processor which allows export to LaTeX

Other links:

My blog on LaTeX layout (in spanish), Maquetación LaTeX

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